The agroresort
for your
and memories

Weddings, events, and hospitality while enjoying nature and unique architecture

“Seek an oasis of the soul where you can find your own time. This is Corte San Ruffillo. Welcome!” 



Exchange your vows amidst cypresses and chestnuts, within ancient, 13th-century walls complemented by minimalist, contemporary architectural design.


Fall asleep in the 1700s and wake up in the 3rd millennium, in 14 rooms out of time and in nature.


Celebrate your personal or business events in a world designed expressly for you, with nature as an unmatchable backdrop.


Set your wedding on a magical stage, immersed in the beauty of nature and striking contemporary design, relaxing in the luxurious comforts of a spa and swimming pool, anytime from first light to deep night. Take full advantage, at any moment of this important step in your life, of being able to party for days on end.


Here in the Tuscany-Romagna Apennine mountains, lies the Casentino Forests National Park, its gently-rolling hills boasting medieval borghi with an enviable stye of life.


Stroll through our kitchen garden, then find on your plate everything it produces. Our kitchen that prepares your events and weddings.


Take a walk in the woods and find yourself in the midst of our vineyard.
Our organically-grown wines will heighten your special moments, here at Corte San Ruffillo, or wherever you wish.

“When you
come across
the place where
your heart lies,
don’t ever
leave it.”

That place for me is Corte San Ruffillo, the iconic spot to always return to, to fulfil myself, to my deepest pleasure.

Here, the landscape, garden, and all our surrounds become an intriguing echo of the history that imprints the walls and spiritually melds with the architecture.

My professional career, as a landscape designer with a degree in architecture, prepared me for my commitment to making this unique corner of earth flower and to open is doors for your special moments. A nature that enfolds wants to be shared!