in a room,
your sense of the marvellous.

14 rooms, each different and distinctive, each a world of its own, for days and nights you’ll long remember.

Overnight stays
and breakfast
available for groups,
events, or your wedding.

A total of 35 beds divided between 2 adjacent buildings, the 19th-century Villa Filetto and the 18th-century Canonica, both restored to return to their former lustre every detail 

Each building contains a common room, offers a home-made sweet-savoury breakfast, and other optional activities and services for you and your guests.

‘Immersive architecture and relaxation come together in a dynamic and energetic concept of well-being. An invitation to give new consistency to your time.'


Speciali Deluxe

Two rooms with king size bed, separate entrance, bathtub with hydromassage, shower, and chromotherapy. One room has 3 beds, the other 4.

For those who think in grand terms and, upon waking, will be surprised.

Ground floor, Villa Filetto:

Camera Celeste

Second floor, Villa Filetto:

Camera Dorata

a partire da 215 doppia, 160 uso singola, colazione e spa o piscina incluse.


Two rooms with king size bed, bathroom with chromotherapy, shower or bath with hydromassage.
One of the rooms has 3 beds.

To give more space, light, and harmoniousness to your leisure moments.


Ground floor, Villa Filetto: 

Camera Corteccia


Second floor, Villa Filetto: 

Camera Delicata


Beginning at € 205 double, €160 single, with breakfast and spa
or pool included.


Seven rooms, of which 5 offer chromotherapy and one aromatherapy. One has 3 beds and is handicapped-accessible; one, on the ground floor, has 4 beds.

To experience comfort and well-being with a light, yet emotional touch.


Ground floor, Terra della Canonica: 

Camera Aurora and Aria


First floor, Canonica:
Camera Arcobaleno and Armonia


Ground floor, Villa Filetto:
Camera Buon Umore


Ground floor, Villa Filetto:
Camera Candore e Calma


Beginning at € 170 double, €135 single, with breakfast and spa
or pool included


Three double rooms, with private baths, double bed.

To be surrounded by nature and history, a journey within and without.


First floor, Canonica: 

Camera Arpeggio


Second floor, Villa Filetto:
Camera Desiderio and Delizia


Beginning at € 155 double, €115 single, with breakfast and spa
or pool included.