Our Products

The raw material is the starting point for the achievement of respectful products both for the consumers and the environment.

Thus we cultivate and use organic grown products and breed our animals by the old way: by using the extensive method and a healthy diet, according to the growth phases of each head of cattle.

Today in Corte San Ruffillo labs these raw materials are processed by hand in order to obtain fruit or vegetable preserves, wines and cold cuts, while we outsource olives to be crushed and organic cereals to be ground to a local olive oil mill and a pasta maker, in order to make the invitation to the table really irresistible.

The Compotes

In order to guarantee their artisanal and natural properties, the preparation of our compotes is carried out with a traditional method throughout by using only organic fruit and sugar, without any preservatives, semi-finished product or synthesis antioxidant.

The extraordinary taste of each compote is the result of the high concentration of perfect ripen harvested fruit and the low temperature cooking, that keep their organoleptic peculiarities.

These factors allow us to use low quantities of sugar in order to offer you healthy products while not disregarding the gluttony!


The chutneys are condiments prepared for the dressing and garnishment of various courses. They are prepared in the Corte San Ruffillo labs with organic vegetables/fruit on a sweet sour sugar and vinegar made base and they are seasoned with various spices.

As for the compotes the chutneys are made by hand without any semi-finished, synthesis antioxidants or preservatives. They should be served paired with aged or semi matured cheeses, boiled fishes and vegetables: they are delicious!


We don’t produce honey... bees do it!

In Corte San Ruffillo we don’t do other than gathering the hives and doing the cold extraction of honey in order to keep all honey nutritional properties and store it in jars.
The honey in each jar has been produced with the flower nectar or the honeydew of woods growing in the farm surroundings

Pasta and Cereals

A large part of the 450 hectares of organic cultivated soil are dedicated to the production of organic cereals such as wheat, barley and spelt.
With these cereals we produce pearled cereals, flours and 100% Italian short chain organic pasta.

The durum wheat flour is bronze drawn and dried slowly, this processing gives major priority to the quality.
After the harvest the barley and spelt are peeled and through a further cleaning processing the integument is removed, the pearling, so they get more digestible and ready to cook.

Cold Cuts

We produce cold cuts from porks born and reared in the Romagna hills, with a diet based on minced legumes and dried cereals.
During the final 5 months finishing period the diet is mostly composed of cereals in order to obtain a steady and slow growth and reach the 200 kg weight.

This method originates from the old farmers tradition and allow to get extraordinarily tasteful meats suitable to be preserved as cold cuts.
All cold cuts are produced by hand, the production takes place in the Corte San Ruffillo labs from the whole carcass cut to the whole size chops and cold cuts. The finest cuts, in addition to the seasoning period, are stored in the stony cellar of Villa Filetto for a period from 4 to 30 months for the sharpening. The contained fat that can be also naturally present around the edges is grass scented and its consistency instant melting.


Our extra virgin olive oil is produced mainly with a blend of our local (Nostrana) and Leccino varieties that are harvested exactly at the stage of ripening in Marzeno di Brisighella and in the century-old Castrocaro Terme olive grows. The olive oil is extracted by cold pressing in order to give purity and give the blend unique taste and scent. The extra virgin oil of Corte San Ruffillo is not filtered and contains a rather high quantity of polyphenols that make its flavour pleasantly spicy.

The Wines

The Corte San Ruffillo wines are made exclusively with our organic grapes from the grapevines of Dovadola, altitude between 200 and 300 mt on the sea level, on mostly windy and northern exposed areas. On these typical sandstone and marl stratifications of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Appennines the grapes grow on a free and clayish soil that gives wines character and at the same time a good sourness as well as mineral richness.
From the crushing to the bottling all the processing steps take place in the Podere La Fontana cellars, in order to guarantee the continuity and the artisan features of our production.