Visit the farm plus trekking into the vineyards

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From 01 January 2020 To 31 December 2020

Visit to the gardens, the vegetable garden, the seasoning cellar and walk in the vineyard with tasting.

From Wednesday to Saturday upon request, minimum 6 participants.

A day into the biological garden, the park surrounding the Estate and the seasoning cellar at Villa Filetto, followed by a stroll from the organic cultivation vineyards to the garden of small fruits.

The visit will be followed by a tasting of wine and cold-cuts of Corte San Ruffillo.

Visit the vineyards includes a stroll of 1 hour and a half on a 1 km uphill path.

  • Time (duration): 2.5 hour
  • Reservations: within 48 hours calling +39 0543 934674 or mailing at
  • Tasting: 50 € per pax including cold-cuts, piadina and 2 glass of wine by Corte San Ruffillo

Please note!

Kids are welcome but parents are responsible for them. The visit for children up to 14 is free.

At the end you can have dinner at the restaurant choosing one of our tasting menu: check-it out here!

For further information please call or mail us through this form